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Incels are the vanguard of tearing down gender roles


An, "incel", is someone who has been persecuted by the world to the point where they are 'involuntarily celibate' for six months or more. Although, this is usually a life-long pattern, and most self-described incels are celibate for decades at a time, and are often adult virgins. It is not an ideology or a community or a movement, but a life circumstance. Incels are known for being NEET, being victims of abuse, having medical disabilities, being in therapy and taking psych drugs, being considered physically unattractive, and spending way too much time on the internet. It is generally accepted that femcels don't exist beyond medical issues, extreme shyness, and countries with arranged marriages. Many, but not all incels forums, subscribe to the philosophy of the, "blackpill".


The network of forums wherein self-identified online incels (incelospherians) congregate is referred to as the incelosphere. After the great Battle of Incelistan the current remaining forums are:, Braincels, Facebook's Incelistan,, and Incelswithouthate. Also foreveralone, Love Not Anger, Social Anxiety Support, and 4chan's r9k, are arguably incel boards. The PSL board scene was populated by incels but never officially self-identified as incel, just as linux usergroups are populated by incels but don't self-identify as such. The self-identifying incel forums became more lookist as the PSL board scene evolved from exclusive anti-pickup-artistry to exclusive lookist theory.

Advice from Normies[edit]

Normies, when not lying to incels about celibacy being easy, in reality consider going even 40 days without sexual intimacy as complete savagery

Since normies, chads, beckys, stacies, tanners, and brads don't like to pair up people anymore, they tell incels it's near 100% incels own fault that they can't find a partner. So they offer self-help "advice". Incels are told by normies that looks don't matter, but normies always are curious about how ugly incels are and assume they don't take enough showers or get enough haircuts. They tell incels to be themselves, but to pick up hobbies they don't like. They tell incels that pick up artists are full of shit but that incels don't have enough 'game' to date rape drunk women at bars 'pick up women'. They tell incels that they are too nice but also that they are assholes. They tell incels that sexual intimacy is not that important, but they themselves buy and/or create movies and songs about how sexual intimacy is one of the most important things in the world and they get upset if they have a few week long dry spell.

They tell incels that sexual intimacy isn't a commodity in a game with a reward, but think of male virgins as "losers" and tell incels that they don't "deserve" intimacy due to their actions.

Normies, especially feminist normies, insist that sexual freedom is a sorting mechanism for male feminists and good personalities like OJ Simpson and Jeremy Meeks, and that your local grocery store bagger deserves to be an incel because maybe he went on 4chan once or twice.


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