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Incel, is short for and means, 'involuntarily celibate', colloquially known as, "can't get laid for a long time", a term describing a life circumstance. It is not a subculture, organized group, movement, or a philosophy. Although individual philosophies, memes, or subcultures like the blackpill sometimes emerge on individual forums dedicated to involuntary celibates and go in and out of fashion. 'Involuntarily celibate' or 'incel' is the particular phrasing of, "can't get laid", that entered academia as an academic sociological term. This happened through the Donnelly Study. The Donnelly Study defined incels as people who would like to have a sexual or romantic partner of the gender they are attracted to but can't find one for free for 6 months or more, and then remain celibate. The date may seem arbitrary, but there had to be a cutoff point, and Denise Donnelly chose 6 months as that factored in that almost everyone goes without sexual intimacy for months, but it is only unusual after a few months. Most people who self-identify as incel are not standardcels as they cannot find *anyone* willing to have sex with them for free. The first lexicographer to define "incel", defined it as a gender-neutral life cirumstance rather than a subculture. Its unabbreviated form was coined in 1739 by Antoine Banier.

Inceldom overlaps but is distinct from 'sexual frustration', in that an involuntary celibate may simply accept their incelibacy and not feel bad about it.

Love-shyness is the fear of romantic or sexual relationships. It is possible for a person to be both incel and love-shy, and most are both to some degree or another. For instance, a person could originally be incel, then suffer large numbers of turn downs, and eventually become love-shy and unable to approach.

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